10 Ideas for Black Steel Exterior Doors in Costa Mesa

ideas for black steel exterior doors in costa mesa

Steel front doors are available in many sizes and forms. Often selected for their affordability, they are durable, protective, and energy efficient and can be ordered in different colors. One popular option is a black steel exterior door that many Costa Mesa homeowners install. 

The color black is neutral. It can complement a wide range of colors and exterior design concepts. It works with traditional colonial, modern, Craftsman, contemporary, bungalow, and other styles of homes. If this is a route you want to go, here are some ideas worth considering:


1. Pair It With Other Accent Colors: A black steel exterior door is well-complemented by white and gray siding. It also works with natural wood materials. Brick and stone also blend in well with black, so there are numerous accents to pick from to make your door stand out.


2. Create a Sense of Charm: Black steel doors don’t have to be luxurious and stately. they can be casually charming. An example is a black Dutch door that adds spunk no matter how small and simple a house is.


3. Use of Hardware: Add standard or oversized handles and other hardware made of brass, which looks pricier than it is. Silver provides a fresh look, while black hardware on a black door can add character as well. Other choices include gold, nickel, copper, aluminum, and stainless steel. Handles, mail slots, knockers, and other hardware options add charm and uniqueness.


4. To Shine or Not to Shine: If you want your door to be shiny and reflective, go for a glossy finish. It will let your entry door pop. But if being reflective isn’t your thing, a matte finish can provide just the right look.


5. Use Sidelights: Sidelights work great as accents. They can be painted black as well but can be white or just about any other accent color. 


6. Install Decorative Glass: Create or add to an architectural theme with a wide range of decorative glass options. Glass can allow in natural light but can also offer privacy. Intricate etchings can be added to complete the overall theme of a black steel door.


7. Add Window Inserts: Windows add spunk to almost any front door. If you have a black steel exterior door in Costa Mesa, a window grille can be simple or intricate. You can create a large central window, any arrangement of panes you like, or expanses of glass on both sides.


8. Black Steel French Doors: Black steel double entry doors work great with large entryways. Hardware, window panes, and your choice of finish can provide the perfect accents, especially when rugs, potted plants, and other porch options are part of the scene


9. Order with a PVC Layer: The manufacturer or dealer can coat the outer surface with a PVC layer if you prefer a finished door. A wood grain appearance is the most common design choice when vinyl is used. Request a steel door with a factory-applied primer if you plan to paint the door yourself.


10. Adorn the Door with Green: A black steel exterior door looks great with green, whether you frame it with potted plants, hang an overhead crown of ivory, or place a reef in the center. Plants always provide a sense of freshness and brighten up the mood.


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