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Entry doors provide a first impression of your Orange County home and are a focal point of its exterior design. Let Window World of SoCal help you benefit from high-quality custom entry door installation.

  • Add Personality to Your Home

    Add personality to your Orange County home with Window World of SoCal’s leading-brand entry doors. Nothing beats the beauty of a ThermaTru door. It meets the highest industry standards and has passed rigorous tests for strength and function. When you hire us for entry door installation, our team will help decide on the style, design, materials, glass, and paint or stain that best matches your preferences and home decor. On top of unsurpassed quality, we provide an unbeatable warranty so your front door is fully covered.

  • Entry Door Installation

    You should feel confident about installing a new entry door. From the range of features of ThermaTru doors to the 24-gauge steel of Profiles™ doors, to the ready-to-paint finish of the Smooth-Star® line, Window World of SoCal offers an extensive choice of products. Classic-Craft entry doors take things a step further than traditional wood, with improved durability, while wide center panels, rich embossments, and a dynamic texture give these fiberglass skin doors an edge over the competition.

  • Benefits of Replacing Your Front Door

    Installing an entry door is more than about making your home look good. The advantages include but are not limited to:


    The front door is the most common break-in point. Many older doors aren’t strong or secure enough to resist forced entry by an intruder. They can even make your house a target. But modern front doors are engineered to keep unwanted guests out, which protects your Orange County home and affords peace of mind.

    Personal Style

    Wood, fiberglass, or steel entry doors can be customized with your preferred texture and color. Different sizes and arrangements of panels are available. New doors can also feature sidelites, stiles, and grilles as well as various decorative elements. If you want, you can even combine design elements to create a truly unique door.


    In addition to being well-sealed, a new front door can be insulated to make your home more energy efficient. Air leakage is minimized so warm or cool air stays in. Drafts from outside will no longer be a problem. Foam cores increase insulating value as well. For example, a solid polyurethane foam core, which is four times more insulating than wood, is found in our Fiber-Classic line of entry doors.

    Increased Home Value

    The curb appeal of a new front door is enough to command a higher asking price. But with entry door installation, homeowners can benefit from low-maintenance, energy savings, and not needing to replace it anytime soon. These all contribute to the market value a front door can add. Updated hardware, accent lighting, shutters, and landscaping/plants for your door don’t hurt either.

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    Homes across Orange County are highlighted by fiber doors, glass doors, stained glass doors, and more. An entry door is the focal point of your home’s exterior, so why not make it impressive? By selecting from our many options at Window World of SoCal, you can give your home a personality. We’ll also make sure your house is more secure and energy efficient. Inquire about our products, warranty, and financing options.

    To get started, get a free quote online or call 805-323-9174 today to schedule entry door installation.

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