Why Are 6 by 4 Windows So Popular?

Why are 6 by 4 windows so popular?

At Window World of SoCal, we engineer and install all types of windows in custom and standard sizes. These include the most popular one for residential use—the 6 by 4 window. A closer look at this standardized product will help highlight its significance.

What Is a 6 by 4 Window?

It is aptly named because it’s six feet high and four feet wide. Also known as a 6 x 4, the window unit is 72 inches high and 48 inches wide, although the glass size is slightly less. It is ¼ to ½ inch smaller than the frame, so the glass dimensions will be around 71.75 x 47.75 inches or 71.5 x 47.5 inches.


A 6 by 4 window is just one type of standardized window size. Double or single-hung windows, for example, come in 2 x 3 feet, 2 feet 8 inch x 4 feet, and 2 feet 8 inch x 5 feet 2-inch sizes. Sliding and picture windows also come in 6 x 4 units as well as 3 x 2, 5 x 3, and others. Standard-sized windows are designed to fit commonly sized openings in new homes.

How Do I Know the Size of the Window?

You don’t need to walk around with a tape measure to size new windows. Manufacturers use four-digit notations to identify product sizes. The first two numbers in the sequence identify the unit’s width, while the last two numbers identify its height. For example, a 2030 window is 2 feet, 0 inches wide by 3 feet, 0 inches high. A 4060 window is 4 feet wide by 6 feet high.

What Are the Benefits of a 6 by 4 Window?

Windows can be ordered in custom sizes, but these take longer to design, make, and deliver. However, a standard-sized window is already in stock. Therefore, it’s much easier to order. Once you make your purchase, the product is shipped to you. It is also generally less expensive.

Other benefits of a 6 by 4 window include:

  • Insulated glass improves energy efficiency.
  • Narrow frames afford a better view outside.
  • Steel-reinforced frames and sashes boost security.
  • Many design and style options are available.
  • Weatherstripping and interlocking sashes make it airtight.
  • A vinyl finish makes maintenance easy.
  • Pre-punched nail fins simplify installation.

Standard-sized windows can be designed with double-pane, Low-E glass. It not only improves efficiency. The glass can also block noise from outside as the panes are separated by argon gas or a vacuum. Heat insulation properties keep your home more comfortable no matter what the weather conditions are outside.


Despite their standardized design, 6 by 4 windows can be fitted with optional accessories. These include window blinds for improved thermal regulation in summer and winter. Window shades allow you to control the amount of light entering a room as well as ventilation. With window curtains, you can complement your interior design, protect your furniture, and block light to regulate heat.

What Does a 6 by 4 Window Cost?

A 6 x 4 window costs more than smaller standard-size windows. The price depends on the brand, type of window, and what the window frame is made of. Wooden frames are more expensive than, for example, vinyl or aluminum. Different window glasses have different properties; the price of each can vary, so what you spend can be impacted by whether you choose double-pane, Low-E, tinted, or vacuum/argon gas-filled windows. Labor rates in your area also have a big impact on window installation costs.

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